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St. Patrick's Day Menu

* Please place your orders no later than 3 PM to ensure availability.


* Special Order Gluten-Free & Vegan options are available & maybe subject to

additional charges.



Corned Beef Meal
Savory corned beef brisket with traditional trimmings of potatoes, carrots and cabbage slowly simmered in a Worcestershire sauce and dry mustard sauce. 
$20.00 per person (min 6) 


Gourmet Bangers & Mash
Grilled Plum Sausages served on a pile of mash potatoes and lovely spoonfuls of gravy.
$15.95 per person (min 6) 


Beef Stew
A hearty slowly simmered traditional beef stew.
$21.95 per person (min 6) 


Corned Beef Casserole
A classic corned beef and cabbage casserole baked to perfection
$23.95 per person (min 6) 


Fried Cabbage with Sausage
Smoked Sausages stirred with cabbage and spices.
$15.95 per person (min 6)


Lamb Stew with Guinness
Seasoned lamb slowly simmered in Guinness stout
$23.95 per person (min 6) 


Irish Colcannon 
Slowly Cooked layered vegetables with potatoes
$16.50 per person (min 6) 


Irish Lasagna
Baked Layers of noodles, Minced Beef, Ricotta cheese and mozzarella cheese.
$15.95 per person (min 6) - MULTIPLES OF 6


Irish Roasted Salmon
Marinated Salmon Fillets grilled to perfection served with a broccoli 
and cauliflower salad.
$21.95 per person (min 6) 


Purple Cabbage & Pecan Salad
Deliciously mixed purple cabbage and pecans, topped with scallions served with a vinegar and soy sauce home made dressing.
$6.95 per person (min 6) 


Dublin Coddle
Slowly oven-baked sausages, bacon, onions and potatoes
$15.95per person (min 6) 


Traditional Irish Shepherd's Pie
The Traditional Irish Shepherd's Pie is made with lean ground beef, carrots 
and mashed potatoes.
$13.15 per person (min 6)  - MULTIPLES OF 6
available with Lamb $17.95 per person (min 6) - MULTIPLES OF 6


Traditional flatten potato cakes.
$6.95 per person (min 6) 


Honey Glazed Corned Beef
Honey glazed corned beef  baked to perfection served with poached carrots & cabbage.
$22.95 per person (min 6) 


Vegetarian Irish Stew
A mix of  diced carrots, turnips, celery and red lentils simmered to a delicious taste. 
$15.95 per person (min 6)