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Disclaimer: Data on the PDF & printed menus may have changed since release date without prior notice. We highly recommend to refer to our website for up-to-date information.


Toronto Catering Company

Individual Salad Meals

* Special Order Vegan options are available & may be subject to additional charges.


* Individual Salad Meals with 6 oz of meat, served with a dinner roll, your choice of dressing OR our Chef's suggestion.


*All individual salad meals can be customized to your lifestyle or preferred type of salad.


Beef Striploin Individual Salad Meal

Grilled AA or Higher Canadian Beef served on a garden salad of mix greens, with Hoisin style dressing. 

$19.95 PP


Boneless Chicken Individual Salad Meal

Grilled breast of chicken, served on a garden salad of mix greens and avocado, served with raspberry vinaigrette.  

$16.95 PP


Boneless Duck Breast Individual Salad Meal

Pan seared boneless skin of duck breast on a bed of mix greens, Radicchio, mango, and cucumber garnished with Mint & Cilantro.  Served with Hoisin style dressing.  

$19.00 PP


Individual Salad Meal  with no meat

Any green salad or pasta salad in our menu.

$11.95 PP

Add Meat to your Salad:

Grilled Chicken Breast - $5.00 PP

Striploin Beef - $8.00 PP

Grilled Salmon OR Shrimp-$7.50 PP

Salmon Individual Salad Meal

Grilled salmon fillet on a garden salad of mix greens and avocado, served with dill & yogurt dressing 

$19.00 PP