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Disclaimer: Data on the PDF & printed menus may have changed since release date without prior notice. We highly recommend to refer to our website for up-to-date information.


Toronto Catering Company

Breakfast Platters

* Breakfast orders for the next day must be received no later than 3 PM to ensure availability.


* Special Order Gluten-Free and Vegan options are available & maybe subject to additional charges.


Assorted Granola Bars/Breakfast Bars

$2.95 PP (min 6) - 2 bars per person

Assorted Scones Platter

Assorted scones with butter and jams. 

$5.95 PP (min 6) - 2 pieces per person 


Bagels & Cream Cheese Platter 
Assorted sliced bagels with butter, jams,

regular and flavoured cream cheese,

one full bagel per person cut in half.
$2.95 per person (min 6)

Breakfast Croissants

Fresh baked croissants with your choice of fillings:

Smoked Salmon & Cream Cheese;

Black Forest Ham & Cheddar Cheese;

Smoked Turkey & Swiss Cheese.
$8.35 PP (min 6 per type)

Breakfast Platter 
Fresh baked muffins, scones, croissants,

bagels, Danishes, and fruit breads and

offee breads served with butter, jams and

cream cheese
$6.50 PP (min 8) - Approx. 3 pieces

per person

Gluten-free Muffins

Fresh baked. Ask about our full gluten-free menu.

$6.25 PP (min 6) - 2 pieces per person

Individual Pricing - $7.25 PP

Mini Bagels & Cream Cheese 

2 mini bagels per person. Requires 48-hour notice

$5.45 PP (min 6)
Muffins/Breakfast Danishes Platter

Fresh baked assorted muffins and breakfast pastries.

$7.15 PP (min 6)
Pepperberry Lighter Side
Low fat muffins, tea biscuits, low fat breakfast breads, and granola bars.
$7.15 PP (min 6)


Savory Breakfast Platter

An assortment of savory breakfast:

Feta Cheese & Spinach; Leek & Parmesan Danishes; & Plain Butter Croissants; and Almond Croissants.  

$6.50 PP (min 6) - 2 pieces per person

Regular Muffins

Fresh baked assorted muffins.

$5.25 PP (min 6) - 2 pieces per person




Breakfast Platter

Scones 1.jpg

Assorted Scones Plattter