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Toronto Catering Company

The Great Canadian BBQ Combo

We provide full service for your BBQ if required. We set it up, serve it up and clean it up!


Includes all condiments and relish - ketchup, mustard, sliced tomatoes, chopped onions, hot peppers, pickles, lettuce.

The Meats

(1 piece per person)

  • 8 oz Spiced Beef Burgers

  • Jumbo Beef Hot Dogs

  • All Natural Vegetarian Burger


(half &  half)

Choose any two Salads from our BBQ Menu

The Sweet Touch

Fresh Watermelon Slices (1 slice per person)

And choice of:

  • Brownie and cookie  (half and half)

  • Brownie and mini tarts  (half and half)

  • Mini tarts and cookie  (half and half)

  • All brownies or all mini tarts or all cookies (1 piece per person)

$15.95 PP (min 20)

*To add other items to this combo, see our À la carte menu for pricing