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The Backyard BBQ Combo

We provide full service for your BBQ if required. We set it up, serve it up and clean it up!


The Meats

  • 8 oz Sizzling Striploin Steak with Zesty Garlic Spices

  • Tender BBQ Chicken breast

  • Meaty Portobello Mushrooms with Light Balsamic Dressing or Vegetarian Burger (Vegetarian Option)


(half &  half)

Choose any two Salads from our BBQ Menu

The Sweet Touch

Fresh Watermelon Slices (1 slice per person)

And choice of:

  • Brownie and cookie  (half and half)

  • Brownie and mini tarts  (half and half)

  • Mini tarts and cookie  (half and half)

  • All brownies or all mini tarts or all cookies (1 piece per person)

Beef $22.99 per peson
Chicken $15.95 per person
Vegetarian $15.95 per person 

(min 20)

*To add other items to this combo, see our À la carte menu for pricing

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