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Bodies of Sand: Where days repeat endlessly is a young adult graphic novel centered on the city of Kawitzin. In this alternate fiction story, magical creatures closely observe the lives of humans. This city is a fantastic  place –whose roots are set in Latin America- Warriors, priests, poets, politics, nahuales, angels and djinns move the tiles that will mark Kawitzin destiny. 

A fantasy war-drama set before humans creation.

The heavens and the planets witnessed an endless war between the first creatures that populated the world, mystic beings known as djinns and djans.

Azazil, a war orphan, was chosen and raised by angels with one purpose: to bring peace to the realm. But in his journey, he discovers a mysterious prophecy that makes him question his fate. 


If you enjoy to read graphic novels online, and dark fantasy twist and turns take a look on this amazing story.

Forged by light and fire

Dawn of the warrior (book one)
Cover of Forged by light and fire Book one

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Graphic novels

Mystical creatures, apocalyptic landscapes and surreal fantasy scenarios are common themes in our works. 

Take a look at these fantastic stories.

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